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Long Term Care Insurance and Related Services

Our mission is to provide integrity-filled professional service to individuals and their families.  We seek to assist informed decision making amid high emotions and uncertainty.

Our approach to Long Term Care Services is driven by a complete customer/client service orientation.  We emphasize maintaining independence, dignity, and personal control.

Our goal is to provide the expertise to support informed decision making by individuals and families.

Our methodology involves a no-obligation, non-pressured conversation focused on identifying your individualized needs, desires, risks, issues, and constraints.

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  • Assessment of Long Term Care Needs
    • We conduct an in-person discussion of individual and family health histories, relevant risk factors, and identify your desired risk sharing profile.  We will help you determine what is the most appropriate method for accomplishing your goals.
  • Family Support
    • We assist in a realistic appraisal of care options for families.
    • We facilitate addressing difficult and emotional decisions.  The goal is to have agreement, not guilt, on a chosen course of action.
  • Independence Services
    • Local Oversight for Distant Families offered in a defined region, for those not privileged to live near their loved ones.  
    • Keeping older people in their homes involves securing assistance with tasks needed to help seniors remain in their homes.
  • Long Term Care Insurance Policy Review & Design
    • We conduct a feature by feature analysis of your existing coverage in comparison to current leading policies.
    • We create a personalized design of an LTC Insurance program, complete with cost determination and payment options.
    • Applications are completed as appropriate.
  • LTC Facility Selection Assistance
    • We provide assistance in determining what facilities will best meet a particular set of needs and desires.
  • Medicare & Insurance Claims Assistance
    • We will review your claims history for errors.
    • We help you file appropriate claims as needed.
  • Referrals to Investment/Financial Planning/Legal/Trust Professionals
    • As needed, and desired, we can direct you to an appropriate firm or individual professional.
  • Educational Seminars and Workshops
    • We conduct seminars and workshops focused on consumer education. 
    • Through our Planning For Peace of Mind workshop, participants receive a sound basis to understand LTC Insurance, basic policy features, and how to compare policies and companies.